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German Health Insurance for Employees

In Germany, there are two systems for health insurance.
a) The first is state health insurance which is provided by the German government. Citizens who are employed are required by law to take out this type of insurance if they earn less than an annual gross income of EUR 54,900. Providing basic coverage, this type of insurance is a fixed percentage of your gross income.

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Health Insurance for freelancer

The laws on health insurance changed in 2009 so that anyone working and living within Germany had to have health insurance, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. For freelancers, you have a choice of private, state or international health insurance. However, you should check the details of an international policy to ensure it falls in line with German law.

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For granting or renewing of residence title (visa)

You are required to take out health insurance if you live and work in Germany, as part of changes to the law from 2009. For those wanting to stay in Germany as a non-EU citizen for more than 90 days, you are required to register for a visa, also known as a Residence Title.

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Welcome Center Germany

If you are considering moving to Germany, the Welcome Center Germany should be your first port of call to help facilitate your move. Established in 2015, the website was set up with the primary aim of providing essential advice and assistance to anybody planning to relocate to Germany. Containing a wealth of useful and reliable information on all aspects of moving to Germany, investing a little time browsing the Welcome Centre Germany website can save you a lot of time further down the line and help take the hassle out of the moving process.

Moving to a new country can be a stressful experience, with many aspects to arrange, both beforehand and after your move. These include choosing the right area, finding a suitable home as well as the task of physically relocating. Then, of course, you will need to register with local services such as doctors and dentists and establish contacts within your local area. Regardless of your reason for moving to Germany, whether it be to study, personal reasons or for work purposes, the Welcome Centre Germany is readily at hand to assist with providing the necessary information and resources to make your move a smooth, less stressful process.

When preparing for your move, the Welcome Centre Germany can advise on any visa and work permit requirements, with guides on each of the many aspects of both living and working in Germany. From finding a job or buying a car to opening a bank account or choosing a school, the Welcome Centre Germany offers useful advice as well as links to approved external sources to further broaden your knowledge and help you settle into your new life overseas.

One of the key ways to help ensure you settle in in the best possible way is to take the time to learn the German language. Welcome Centre Germany provides information on various language courses available to give you the best possible platform to learning the language to a level which will allow you to integrate both socially and culturally.

Choosing the right accommodation is equally important. Whether it be help selecting the right location or deciding if it is better to rent or purchase, the Housing and Rentals section of the website offers guidance on all aspects, depending on your individual circumstances.

The Welcome Centre Germany also advises on all aspects of germany health insurance including private health insurance and state insurance and also international insurance.

So if you are considering moving to Germany, feel free to contact the Welcome Centre Germany for advice and assistance. No matter what the question, big or small, the Welcome Centre Germany can assist and help to give you the best possible welcome to our lovely country!

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